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MAIR Conference and Member Registration

Please fill in all applicable fields and click "Submit".  Afterwards, you can submit a payment through PayPal or send a check made out to "Mississippi Association for Institutional Research" to Chrisa Mansell at the below address.


After clicking 'Submit' above, to complete your registration you can either:

  • Click the PayPal button 'Add to Cart'​​


  • Send a check for your total made out to "Mississippi Association for Institutional Research" to: 


Kate Failing
Mississippi Delta Community College

PO Box 668
Moorhead, MS 38761

Phone: 662-246-6264



You can click 'Add to Cart' for the registration and the PayPal site will open allowing you to submit a payment.  If you want to register for a MAIR pre-conference workshop, select the item and click 'Add to Cart' for each applicable item.  The PayPal site will be updated each time your click 'Add to Cart'.

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